This blog is written by Einar W. Høst: coffee-addict, programmer and ivory tower expat.

Twitter handle: @einarwh

4 Comments on “About”

  1. your NDC talk was awesome! Have you considered extending the angular $parse service? to you have a twitter handle?

  2. Einar says:

    Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the talk.

    I haven’t looked at angular much but $parse definitely looks interesting.

  3. Greg Jarzab says:

    Awesome NDC talk! I am currently working on trying to convert simple S-Expressions to .NET code and found a neat C# library that greatly simplifies building the parser (https://github.com/sprache/Sprache). Also, thanks for making your code for mkay public, it looks like I will be able to learn a lot from it!

    • Einar says:

      Thanks! I’m planning a rewrite of Mkay and using a proper parser generator will probably be part of that.

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